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Project Background

Most Sony consumer electronic devices have a control port of some form or another. Additionally, with some extra hardware (such as a slinke from Nirvis) it is possible to control devices with an infrared control port. Add a small Linux box into the home theatre rack and suddenly a high level of automation becomes possible.

Devices supported

Currently there is support for Sony audio CD changers (CX-*) and Sony DVD players and changers (DVP-CX850P and DVP-530). Other devices may work, some may require reverse engineering of the control codes. The user software currently supports the parallel port interface designed by Mike Muise. If I ever purchase a slink-e, it will be supported too.

Please take a few seconds to tell me what S-Link devices you own in this survey.

How to participate in the development

You can checkout the source code either by downloading the code or check it out from CVS (Hit return when prompted for a password)
cvs -d login
cvs -d co jukebox-control

Please Subscribe to the mailing list to participate in discussions and suggest new features.

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